Objective 1: X5gon will combine content understanding, user modelling and quality assurance methods and tools to boost creating a homogenous network of OER sites and provides users (teachers, learners) with a common learning experience independent of the OER site.

Objective 2: X5gon will create a self-sustainable and growing mode of operation based on bottom-up OER sites collaboration, easy to install open software and Ministry of Education with governmental channels and UNESCO National Commissions for wider adoption and showcase for policy makers and industries with a clear potential for adoption in the Digital Single Market.

Objective 3: X5gon will tackle several online learning research and innovation challenges related in particular to big data, real-time response and multimodality:

Objective 4: The market opportunity for a Europe-centric education platform is considerable. Two important outcomes from this project that can be viewed as separate entities for the purposes of exploitation are (i) free use for OER of cross-recommendation, cross-site learning analytics and learning personalisation functionalities (ii) the enabling technology stack. Given the different risks/reward profiles, these outcomes require different strategies for exploitation.