The already developed and ready-to-market technologies of the consortium are an asset to the project, as only methods on top of content need to be delivered in order to converge it to the end users. All the technologies developed by the consortium in this area are easily adapted and extended to fit the projects challenges. The technical challenge however is to integrate them in to a one-stop-shop.

The media and content sector is driven more and more by the use of technology and new business models, new ways of interaction, consumption and expression are appearing in the rise of the digital era.     

X5gon deals with user/student, faculty, research and university generated content, in formal and informal scenarios. It takes into consideration all freely licensed educational media – from video and audio files, learning resources, complete curricula, papers, articles – and applies better use of educational solutions, mobile technology, learning analytics and big data. It facilitates the use, re-use and creation of European learning material and new ways to educate and learn online. It also includes a twofold exploitation strategy and an infrastructure provider with a strong strive for new value added models in education.

Make the best use of technology for reaching out to new audiences, adapting to the digital era and thriving in the connected Digital Single Market.         

X5gon partners understand that media technology is predominantly driven by non-European players, often building on European content and brain-drain, this in synergy with the rapid change of content usage and consumption is the main reason for the need of scaling-up the best technology in media which the X5gon consortium can deploy on educational OER materials. Harvesting OER and making it available in terms of crossing all existing boundaries with the 5X approach is directly addressing the barriers of the connected Digital Single Market.

Europe’s media sector is strong in creating content and embracing new technologies and investing in innovation to benefit from the digital market.          

X5gon combines European educational content and European technology and creates an industry-lead approach for policy-changes for European citizens. It includes as exploitation lead an ICT company interested in big data and three OER repositories as initial pilots with a global IGO as the second exploiter, addressing ICT policies for disabled and OER. The combination will cumulatively contribute to interoperability in its impact creation activities by providing an innovative learning ecosystem on top of OER repositories.