The basic idea behind X5GON is to computationally blur the lines and barriers of language, modality, culture, across all OER materials and finally solve the problems of silosed OER repositories. To achieve this we need to access as many, if not all OER repositories that we possibly can, and for this purpose we designed an Outreach Partnership between OER repositories and the X5GON project.

We think a strategic partnership would allow us to access OER stakeholders, and in return give them access to the X5GON technologies. There are 4 main benefits to OER repositories in joining our Outreach programme:

  1. Understanding audiences: Use data and analytic to better understand what audiences want from OER, why and when they want it, and what impact this has on the network of OER repositories
  2. Understanding content: Explore what machine learning can teach each OER repository and X5GON about large quantities of OER and institutuinal educational programmes and services, and what OER repositories stands to gain from it;
  3. Curation and personalisation: Create a more personal OER experience across sites, designing tools and algorithms to help educators with content and teaching decisions
  4. Content of the future: Design future audience experiences, based on X5GON R&D’s objectives, and new forms of open education.

Respondents to Commonwealth of Learning survey for Governments and stakeholders provided a number of links to various websites and repositories as examples of OER that they use. This was part of the Commonwealth of Learning six Regional Consultations towards the 2nd World OER Congress, and integrated into the COL Open Educational Resources: Global Report 2017.

We invite the following list of OER repositories or initiatives that follow open licensing to jin us.


Name of repository
1.     African Storybook
2.     African Virtual University
3.     Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology OER
4.     MaliMath (M²)
5.     OER Africa
6.     Siyavula
7.     Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (TESSA)
8.     Thutong
9.     Young African Research Arena
Asia and the Pacific
1.     Davalgaa
2.     First Steps
3.     Fossee
4.     Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) e-PG Pathshala
5.     Karnataka Open Educational Resources
7.     National Repository of Open Educational Resources
8.     Netaji Subhas Open University Repository
9.     NPTEL
10.  Odisha State Open University
11.  Open Educational Resource Library
12.  Open Textbooks for Hong Kong
13.  Scootle
14.  Spoken Tutorial
15.  Storyweaver
16.  Telangana Open Educational Resources
17.  Tess India
18.  Thailand Massive Open Online Course (ThaiMOOC)
19.  The Open University of Sri Lanka
20.  UNESCO-UNIRWIN Handong Global University
21.  Universitas Terbuka OERs
22.  University of the South Pacific
23.  Vietnam Open Educational Resources
24.  Virtual Labs
25.  Virtual University Open Courseware
26.  Wawasan OER Repository
Europe and North America
1.     Alberta OER
2.     Athabasca OCW
3.     BC Campus OpenEd
4.     Biology Courses
5.     Centre for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning
6.     Curriki
7.     Del Rett
8.     Ecampus Ontario
9.     Edutags
10.  Learning Objects for Healthcare- University of Nottingham
11.  Lumen Learning
12.  Merlot (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) (II)
13.  MIT Open Courseware
14.  National Science Digital Library
15.  NDLA Open educational resources for secondary schools
16.  OER Commons
17.  OER Sverige
18.  Open Archives
19.  Open Education Europe
20.  Open Educational Practices
21.  Open Professionals Education Network
22.  Open Access Oxford
23.  Open Textbook Library
24.  Openstax CNX
25.  Projekt eL4
26.  Raspberry Pi
27.  Saylor Academy
28.  Sickle Cell Open
29.  Siemens Stiftung
30.  Skills Commons
31.  SOL*R BC Campus
32.  The Coalition for Open Education
33.  The Orange Grove
34.  University of Edinburgh Open Education Resources (OpenEd)
35.  Wolnelektury
Latin America and the Caribbean
1.     Agrega
2.     Arca
3.     Campus Virtual de Saúde Pública
4.     Curriculum en linea Recursos para el aprendizaje
5.     Ciênsação
6.     Design Thinking
7.     Educacao Aberta
8.     eduCapes
9.     Fiocruz
10.  Iniciativa Educação Aberta
11.  La Referencia
12.  Open campus
13.  Open Education
14.  Open Michigan
15.  Open Osmosis
16.  Pioneiro
17.  Portal del Repositorio Institucional de la Universidad de Los Andes
18.  ProEva
19.  REA Dante
20.  Recursos Educacionais Abertos no Brasil
21.  Temoa
Middle East and North Africa
1.     Saudi OER Network
1.     Directory of OER Repositories
2.     Directory of Open Access Journals
3.     Global Digital Library
4.     Global Text Project
5.     Commonwealth of Learning’s Open Access Repository
6.     OER Knowledge Cloud
7.     OERu