Invitation to connect your OER repository Project

Invitation to connect your OER repository

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Project X5GON aims to interact Open Educational Resources from very different sites. In X5GON we will index the resources and, whenever possible, enrich them (for example, if these contain videos, transcription and translation will be done). In order to gather the different resources, we need these to be made visible which, in fairness, is one of the reasons for which we declare our education resources as open. The way we technically aim to do this is by adding a code snippet – literally two lines of JavaScript – to each resource you want to see indexed. This snippet will itself call a library which will be on your site.

The effect of the snippet is the following:

  1. The X5GON server is notified that the resource A is being accessed by a user identified by a simple identifier;
  2. A list of recommendations is sent to the OER server;
  3. At a later stage, if resource A was not known to the X5GON server, resource A is fetched, analysed, enriched (with transcription/translation when needed) and indexed. It will in the future be linked to other resources and appear as recommendation when relevant.

For this to be possible the partner OER site should:

  1. Include the snippet on each webpage you wish to share as Open Educational Resource. We recommend you have the material licensed (possibly with a CC license);
  2. Include the library on your server (please note that the snippet should point to this library);
  3. Allow the code to execute;
  4. Decide how you use the recommendations which will be sent to you.

Please fill out the form here with details on your OER repository and in as much details possible. Completing this form does not commit you in any way, but it does give essential input in order to understand the nature of your repository. Information provided is strictly confidential and commits neither party.

We have also prepared a Frequently Asked Questions section in order to support you in your decision making process.