Osnabruck University platform: virtUOS Case Study

Osnabruck University platform: virtUOS

virtUOS is developing open-source automated lecture recording solutions as part of the Opencast community

Pilot number: 3
Partner: Osnabruck University
Pilot name : virtUOS
Initial asset: 560,000 documents, 6475 recordings, related into 470 series, 6 MOOCs and 19 OER courses
The need for X5gon solution:
As a creator of OER production tools and a producer of OER, increasing the flexibility of OER uses is a key concern for virtUOS. Lecture Recordings produced with the Opencast tool and disseminated via Learning Management Systems and other public channels have to be presented in a more individualized and thus attractive format to develop their full potential. As a consequence of increased attractiveness, more lecturers and institutions will agree to have their lectures recorded and published as OER.
Market potentials and target markets:
virtUOS is developing open-source automated lecture recording solutions as part of the Opencast community. Integrating better content analysis capabilities and interfaces to intelligent presentation and assessment tools will improve the quality of OER produced by more than 120 institutions that currently use Opencast.
Competitors and Ongoing RTD projects:
virtUOS’ and Opencast Matterhorn’s main competitors in terms of development of lecture recording and presenting tools are Echo360, Mediasite by Sonic Foundry and Kaltura. Within the Opencast Project, several universities (Harvard University, University of Manchester, University of Cape Town, University of Cologne, University of California Berkeley) and SME (Entwine, Teltek, NCast, 323link, Extron) are working on additional improvements.
X5gon Pros/cons against existing products:
The competitive advantages that X5gon solutions would bring to virtuUOS over other monolingual or interlinking with well-resourced OER repositories or interlinking their own materials, would be an introduction and implementation of the X5gon services, especially the cross-lingual and learning analytics, over the Opencast – Open-Source Lecture Capture & Video Management for Education (http://opencast.org/matterhorn/) and thus multiplying the impact creation as software contributor in the community and cross-link the University-wide Lecture Recording Service at the University of Osnabrück.
Expected business/value added benefits
For the Osnabruck University similarly as to UPV, the X5gon project would allow to continue its innovation activities with MOOCs, Opencast Matterhorn penetration and research into pedagogical approaches and exploit its foreground from previous projects. In the learning managements system Stud.IP at the UOS are over 560,000 documents that are mostly presentation slides, lecture notes, protocols, lesson abstracts and summaries, assignments and sample solutions, by interlinking and enriching these materials new services for students could emerge and present student more “value for money”.