X5GON contributing to global OER policy instrument

X5GON partners JSI and MIZS have been working with UNESCO Headquarters in preparing the UNESCO Recommendation in Open Educational Resources (OER). The draft was formunated with a group of open education experts from UNESCO, X5GON and other researchers and practitioners from all world regions. UNESCO now calls for advice and comments regarding the revision of the draft.

This Recommendation will be recognized globally in the 195 Member States of UNESCO and is created in order to help Member States to formulate and execute adequate policy frameworks also adressing the use of technologies in OER, to support international cooperation among researchers and encourage new entrants to OER. It builds on the Ljubljana OER Action Plan, a product of the 2nd World OER Congress where X5GON was co-hosting the satellite conference on Artificial Intelligence: Research, Technology and Business in OER.

Our project is at its core resaerch based, but it designs its technology roadmap in order to support this new educational policy which calls for new technologies in OER. Therefore we are inviting you to the online consultation process to contribute to the draft which is now open until 1 June 2018.

The text for revision is available for download in English and French.